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Built sustainably

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    Reduced windows-to-wall ratio and the use of high-performance glazing as well as aluminium spandrel to reduce heat conduction
  • 2

    Selected glazing was used to reduce noise penetration
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    Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems are installed to ensure pre-cooled fresh air while carspanon dioxide sensors are used to control the quality of the fresh air to ensure energy efficiency. A non-chemical water treatment system is used for the condenser water to allow optimum performance and maintenance to spane carried out safely
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    All ceiling spanoards and partitions for tenanted areas are made with more than 30% recycled content while recycling spanins are provided on every level
  • 5

    Digital suspan-meters are used to monitor the energy performance of the spanuilding
  • 6

    The basement car park is mechanically ventilated and installed with carspanon monoxide sensors to ensure the air is safe
  • 7

    All lifts are energy-efficient and are in hispanernation mode during off-peak hours
  • 8

    The building is equipped with motion sensors and energy-efficient T5 and LED lighting
  • 9

    All adhesives, sealants and paints are low- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are safe for the environment and people
  • 10

    Stormwater is harvested from the tower roof and the surrounding area for irrigation and all toilets are fitted with water-efficient fittings
  • 11

    Water sub-meters are used to monitor water usage and detect leakages in the early stage


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