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Our sustainability governance structure involves a Board of Directors (The Board), guided by the Sustainability Committee (SC), which oversees ESG-related risks and opportunities. The strategic direction set by this committee is then brought to life by the Sustainability Working Group (SWG), who is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of sustainability initiatives. This collaborative approach ensures that our sustainability efforts are integrated seamlessly into our business operations, upholding transparency and accountability while fostering trust among our stakeholders. 

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Our sustainability scorecard is pivotal in tracking our journey towards meeting goals and targets. Since 2022, sustainability has been seamlessly integrated into the evaluation and key performance indicators (KPIs) for our Senior Management and respective Heads of Business Segments, directly shaping their remuneration. This marks a notable paradigm shift, as now, up to 25% of the scorecard is intricately linked to our Senior Management’s ESG performance. This includes critical aspects like overseeing Sunway REIT’s climate change initiatives. Such an approach emphatically reinforces our dedication to aligning executive compensation with our sustainability objectives.


Sunway REIT’s sustainability efforts are guided by its Sustainability Policy, Board & Corporate Policies and other policies that are aligned with Sunway Berhad’s policies.

Sustainability Policies

  • Sustainability Policy
  • Donations, Sponsorships & Corporate Responsibility Policy

Board & Corporate Policies

Other Policies

Align with Sunway Berhad’s Policies


This report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. We engaged an external assurance provider to verify the report’s accuracy and reliability of data, initiatives and policies, and to provide an independent assurance statement.

Donations, Sponsorships & Corporate Responsibility Policy

This policy outlines the guidance for the donation and sponsorship strategy and conduct of due diligence to ensure all proposals fit within the strategy and meet the established criteria.

This policy guides the execution of sustainability across the Group and sets out the scope, commitment and principles of Sunway in regards to sustainable development.

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