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Sunway REIT’s strategic roadmap, TRANSCEND 2025 (TC2025) has set bold targets since it was introduced in 2018. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hence timely to review TC2025, given the ongoing impact and shift in megatrends of the real estate markets. There may be a need to restrategise Sunway REIT’s asset class mix, explore overseas expansion and reset financial targets.

With these in mind, Sunway REIT has assembled a team to embark on the process of redesigning TC2025 plan, with in-depth investigation of real estate trends and strategy for the future. After months of thorough research and analysis, Sunway REIT would like to present TRANSCEND 2027 ( TC2027), as summarised below, with new targets and enhanced strategic initiatives to become a balanced risk, diversified REIT.


Become the Top 2 M-REIT in Malaysia

Grow the asset value to RM14 - 15 billion

  • Supported by both yield-accretive acquisitions and value-enhancing AEI

Rebalance the portfolio

  • Services and Industrial & Others segments to make up 20% - 30% of property value
  • Diversifying into foreign properties, making up 10% - 20% of property value

Primary annual targets

  • Average trading price in market for the year showing a higher premium or lower discount to NAV than competitor REITs
  • Achieve the targeted annual total return based on the recommended strategies

Secondary targets

  • 5-year average total return and DPU CAGR above average of listed M-REITs (from FY2022 onwards)


Sunway REIT’s future will be driven by 3 key objectives supported by multiple strategic initiatives, focused on driving scale and yield:

  • Asset 2
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Unlocking maximum
value from existing
assets in the portfolio
  • 01

    Unlock integration synergies and opportunities
  • Innovate the concept of Integrated Development into different asset classes such as business or retail parks, industrial estates, etc.
  • 02

    Leverage Sponsor’s capability
  • Enhance collaboration with Sponsor to maintain active pipeline acquisition plans and to further improve brand strengthening.
  • Leverage Sunway Group’s property development capabilities to convert or re-develop aged buildings for new purposes.
  • 03

    Portfolio optimisation
  • Follow clear processes for divestment of non-performing assets.
  • Diversify into defensive asset segments and foreign assets.
  • 04

    Deepening of AEI actions
  • Accelerate digital transformation and upgrade assets to address long-term sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Transform low-performing assets into high income-generators.
  • 05

    Deepening of capabilities in the team
  • Setting up a dedicated “vision team” to innovate to new targets.
  • Build and enhance relationships with government agencies and economic corridors.
Getting ahead of
the market
  • 06

    Scale benefits for existing and new segments
  • Build specialised skills to maximise asset performance and drive up value for unitholders.
  • 07

    Boost access to liquidity
  • Further strengthen balance sheet to increase investors’ confidence.
  • Gain access to above-average liquidity relative to competitors in order to rapidly act when attractive assets become available.
Diversifying portfolio
into other segments
and geographies
  • 08

    Hire logistics / warehousing
    / data centre experts
  • Gain access to emerging technologies and building solutions.
  • 09

    Collaborate with reputable asset managers / funds
  • Accelerate portfolio growth in Malaysia and overseas markets.
  • Continued business development and demonstration of innovation.
  • Deliver tenant satisfaction and operational excellence.
  • Obtain granular-level understanding of niche aspects of new assets.
  • 10

    Enter overseas markets
  • Market entry via joint venture or partnership with reputable foreign developers or players to navigate the local market.
  • Partner with Sunway’s local team, to better navigate issues on regulatory, market and land matters.
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