To be a leading diversified REIT in Malaysia committed to enhancing stakeholder value – Sustainable Growth, Environmental Stewardship and Community Engagement



To deliver sustainable income distributions over the long-term through responsible business strategies supported by adaptive innovation solutions, management and sustainability practices.


– Empowering businesses
– Curating experiences
– Enriching lives

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY – We believe in doing the right thing at all times:

    • We conduct ourselves in an honest and trustworthy manner
    • We act professionally, ethically and honourably
    • We ensure our actions are consistent with our words
  • HUMILITY – We believe in being humble, polite and respectful:

    • We never stop learning
    • We care for and respect people and the environment
    • We seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • EXCELLENCE – We take pride in all that we do:

    • We strive to deliver high quality products and services
    • We continuously innovate and improve for greater progress
    • We seek to inspire others to excel

Key Growth Strategies towards FY2027

Key Growth Strategies

To shift from retail-focused REIT to diversified REIT

To embark on opportunity-led acquisition, turnaround redevelopment and divestment

To expand investment exposure into emerging growth sub-sectors to capitalize on global mega trends

To diversify geographically in and out of Malaysia – independently or in collaboration with Sponsor with focus on integrated development