Your Unique Lifestyle Adventure

Since opening its doors in 1997, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Malaysia’s first themed shopping and lifestyle destination, has undergone a magnificent transformation to herald a new shopping empire that boasts four million sq.ft. of retail extravaganza.

Inspired by the legends of Ancient Egypt, the iconic Sphinx stands guard at the entrance, flanked by two landmark Grand Domes – the Blue Atrium, vibrant and flowing like the Great River Nile, and the Orange Atrium, radiant and warm as the Sun God ‘Ra’. Hieroglyphs and monumental art embellish the facade and interior of the complex, adding to its curated ambience.

Integrated with attractions and amenities, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is a crown jewel that serves all, providing a unique shopping adventure for visitors from around the world with 360º immersive retail experience complete with more than 700 specialty outlets offering a diverse selection of fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, timepieces, music, gifts, souvenirs, leathers, books, pharmacies, electrical appliances, home furnishing, wellness and IT products.

Property Details and KPIs

  • Property Details
Land Area (sq.ft.) GFA (sq.ft.) NLA (sq.ft.) No. of parking bays Occupancy as at 30 June 2020 (%)
820,070 2,454,795
(Retail & Convention Centre)
1,630,892(Retail) >4,000 97.8
(Car Park)
(Convention Centre)
  • Tenant Mix by Trade Sector
  • Historical Average Occupancy Rate
  • Lease Expiry Schedule (expiring tenancies as % of NLA)