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Materiality Study

In 2016, Sunway REIT performed its first materiality assessment to gather the views of stakeholders and decision makers within Sunway REIT. An online survey was performed by an external consultant to guarantee objectivity and anonymity.

Stakeholders Groups Who Took Part in the Materiality Study
Business Associates
(e.g. Trustee, bankers, valuers, auditors, lawyers)
Investment Communities
(e.g. investors, potential investors, analysts, retail investors)
Retail customers and hotel guests
Regulators and industry affiliations
Local community
Suppliers & contractors
Sustainability Areas Assessed in the Materiality Study
Economic Market presence; nation building; community investment; corporate governance; business ethics; board management & oversight; ethics & transparency
Environmental Energy; water; emissions; environmental impact from transportation: environmental cost; ozone-depleting substances; green buildings
Social: Labour Practices and Decent Work Employment & benefits; workplace health & safety; training, education & career development; diversity & fair & equal career opportunities; internal engagement & communication
Social: Human Rights Human rights; non-discrimination; diversity; employees’ rights
Social: Society Corruption & bribery; health of public & communities; community engagement; fair competition
Social: Product Information Marketing & communications; procurement sustainability; supplier training; quality management system; customer satisfaction; privacy of tenants, retail customers & hotel guests