Sunway REIT has launched its sustainability campaign, “Clean Air – A Smoke Free Environment Project” at Sunway REIT’s flagship asset, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

The Clean Air – Smoke-Free Environment Project is aligned with Sunway Group’s aim to make Sunway City a smoke-free city in 2018* and the national agenda for a smoke-free country by 2045. Last year, Sunway Group had committed to drive the nation towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in tandem with the launch of the Jeffrey Sachs Sustainable Development Centre. The Project supports Goal #3 : Good Health and Well-Being.

Sunway REIT’s three wall murals located around Sunway Pyramid represents a radical departure from the traditional anti-smoking campaign images of mouth cancers, aborted fetuses, tar-clad lungs and gangrenous feet.

The three wall murals commissioned for the Clean Air – A Smoke-Free Environment Project aim to breakaway from the blindness and desensitization to the traditional “don’t-smoke” messaging, encouraging people to see the benefits of quitting in a new light – clean air for everyone.

Based on the fact that experiences have a strong emotional impact tend to impact our decision making, instead of the traditional somber and negative-skew messaging to smokers, Sunway REIT intends to encourage smokers to quit by inspiring them through art that includes a positive message. Aside that, we are playing the role of an advocator; advocating for a clean air environment, for both smokers and non-smokers.

*all Sunway-owned premises to be smoke-free

About the Artists


Kenji Chai

Masterpiece : “Resurrection”
Location : Ground Floor, adjacent to the Sunway Pyramid West Link Bridge

Kenji Chai is one of the most internationally recognized young graffiti artists in the country and has represented Malaysia in most cities around Asia including in Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more.

Kenji Chai is an individual whom is passionate about graffiti art as he is a strong believer that the arts has an ability to bring out the best in people as it is an avenue for individual expression, stories, thoughts and emotions.

Kenji’s masterpiece depicts a sharp juxtaposition between a healthy, happy and non-polluted city blessed by clean air vis-à-vis a hazardous smoke-polluted environment. The soaring pigeon reflects the choices that mankind are given: we can either come together to create a better environment for the next generation; or all together destroy the beautiful ecosystem. The choice lies in our hands.


Louise Low

Masterpiece : “Rose Petals”
Location : Lower Ground 2, on an exterior wall behind An Viet

Louise Low is a full-time artist based in Kuala Lumpur famed for her breath-taking installations and paintings. She has created murals in Penang, which is now part of the Penang Global Tourism art trail. Her work has been featured by Petronas and she has been named one of Top 10 Young Female Malaysian Artists.

For the Clean Air – A Smoke-Free Environment Project, Louise has created an installation mirroring the broken mirror shards depicting the wondrous beauty yet inherent fragility of a rose from which ruby-red 3D petals flutter. The rose is reflective, so viewers can see their own images in the rose, and take a moment to ponder on their individual responsibilities to keep the air smoke- free and clean.


Caryn Koh

Masterpiece : “Bloom”
Location : Ground Floor next to Sephora

Caryn Koh’s artworks are gentle, subtle, yet deep and meaningful. For the Clean Air – A Smoke-Free environment Project, she has created a wall mural of a young girl enjoying clean air, surrounded by a bed of sunflowers.

Inspired by a childhood song, the wall mural intends to evoke the same childhood song in the mind of the audience, reminding them of the beauty of nature. While designing the masterpiece, the artist remembered how sunflowers would grow even taller than her in the garden of her childhood home. Sunflowers are hard to take care of, yet they are so beautiful and majestic.

Caryn’s artwork reminds us how we need to take care of our natural environment and aspire to keep it clean and smoke free.

Sunway REIT’s Smoking Cessation Programme

In addition to the art, Sunway REIT’s community sustainability programme includes a commitment in giving back to the society. Sunway REIT is in collaboration with Sunway Medical Centre and Johnson & Johnson Sdn. Bhd. is offering a “Smoking Cessation Programme” to the tenants and shoppers of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and public at large. The fully-sponsored Sunway REIT’s Smoking Cessation Programme includes a 3-month behavioural training clinic programme which is supported by professionals from Sunway Medical Centre to help smokers to undergo the cessation process. The pilot programme is offered to the first 250 participants and each participant is entitled to enjoy 1 full programme.

Sunway Group’s Commitment to Stop Smoking Initiatives

Sunway Group’s stop-smoking initiatives began in 2013 and is a five-year plan consisting of 3 phases to culminate in making Sunway City a smoke-free city in 2018.

In 2014, on World No Tobacco Day, which falls on May 31 every year Sunway Group’s Founder and Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah had declared that by 2018, all Sunway-owned premises to be 100% smoke-free by 2018.

2013 (PHASE: Knowing It)
  • Declaration by Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah: “All Sunway-Owned Buildings to be 100% smoke free by 2018”
  • Declaration made on WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2014 (May 31st) launch at Sunway City
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) Blue Ribbon Campaign and award ceremony at Sunway City
  • Blue Ribbon Awards given to Sunway Medical, Sunway University and Monash University Malaysia
  • Sunway Pyramid awarded Malaysia’s First Health Promoting Mall by MYSIHAT
2014 (PHASE: Advocating It)
  • Brainstorming Sunway Smoke-Free Work Place Policy with MOH & MYSIHAT
  • Brainstorming partner for National Smoke-Free Work Place Policy by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
2015 (PHASE: Advocating It)
  • Signages made for Sunway Policy Statement on smoke free environment
  • Establish Sunway Smoking Cessation programme November 2015 through Sunway Medical Quit Smoking Clinic
  • Sunway Medical Quit Smoking Clinic (Introduced In 2015)
  • 3-month programme, one-to-one consultation
  • Personalized, active behavioural counselling with smoking cessation products (if required)
  • Promoted continuously via leaflets, reminders from Group / BU HR to promote staff benefits (smoking cessation program)
  • Collaboration with Sunway Pharma to increase accessibility of service
  • Continuous collaboration with J&J / MOH
  • ‘Stub it Out!’ campaign at Sunway Medical Centre in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day (May 31st every year)
  • Awareness road show at Sunway BUs
2016 (PHASE: Advocating It)
  • Installation of 200 Sunway Smoke Free Signages in all Sunway-Owned Buildings in Northern, Central and Southern Region
  • Establish Sunway Smoke-Free Work Place Policy (covers cigarette, cigar or any tobacco products or vape any electronic cigarette or use any smoking devices) and communicated to all staff via e-mails and Group Knowledge Portal by 24 May 2016
  • Sunway Smoke-Free Work Place Policy incorporated in to HR Policies and Procedures
  • All HR Personnel briefed on Sunway Smoke-Free Work Place Policy in the HR Council Meeting held in Quarter 2 of 2016
  • Sunway Smoke-Free Work Place Policy
  • 8-page manual covering policy statement, scope, definition, benefits of smoke-free workplace, smoke-free zones, designated smoking areas, procedures and non-compliance
  • POLICY STATEMENT: Sunway Group is dedicated to provide a healthy, comfortable, and productive workplace for all its employees. These health hazards impact both the smoker and the non-smoker who is exposed to secondhand smoke. Sunway Group values the health of our employees, clients and visitors. In order to protect the health of Sunway Group employees, clients and visitors from the harmful effects of secondhand tobacco smoke, Sunway management has declared the places mentioned as no-smoking areas.
2017/2018 (LIVING IT) Collaboration with other corporations and NGO’s to advocate a smoke-free work place
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